A small team of artisans and designers.

We are FastBath

We want this business to be the culmination of what we have learned in the last 30 years of construction and construction management. Our desire is to have a process that gives you a wonderful bathroom remodel in Portland, Oregon that functions perfectly for your needs, with as little hassle as possible. We take advantage of technological advancements in order to give you a fast and affordable remodel that has all the quality and beauty of a high-end luxury bathroom. Our years of experience have taught us best practices and also what to avoid when it comes to remodeling. We want to be able to share that with homeowners here in beautiful Portland, OR.


Instead of offering endless design and material options, we work with a select collection of high-quality materials that we have truly put to the test.


Because we know our materials well and take advantage of modern techniques and technology, we can complete your remodel in as little as a week.


You won't be forced to deal with slick salespeople. Just a small team of passionate craftsmen with decades of experience.

A business portrait of a man in horned-rimmed glasses.
A business portrait of a man in horned-rimmed glasses.

Jeff Snethen

Co-founder | Lead Installer | Trainer

Graduated Beaverton High 1986
Started plumbing apprenticeship at Clackamas college vocational school 1987

November 1st 1988 formed Snethen Construction specializing in siding and decks
Enjoyed owning and operating a small business that developed into a remodeling company by 1992.

After a few years I moved into an entirely different industry. I partnered with a computer tech company offering support and manufacturer representation for various hardware peripheral and software lines.
In 1995 I returned to remodeling and focused on hard surfaces such as tile and stone. That business known now as signature tile continued to grow and formed a solid bond with many designers and builders in the Portland area.

By 2008 my wife and I decided to make a life alteration and move out of the country. We spent over a decade focusing our life on underdeveloped communities such as Costa Rica, Suriname, and Thailand.

While we lived abroad we would return regularly to attend to our business and financial support to offset our expenses while living abroad.

When returning from Thailand the decision was made to form a new company with a long time friend and business colleague Chris Knox. This venture of FastBath is a culmination of knowledge and skill that we hope sets us apart from other companies in our industry. We hope to bring a product to market that utilizes the leap forward in technology to enable our clients to have a better end product with transparency and honesty being an intrinsic part of our business model. Together we are striving to have goals rooted in a balanced, honest work environment that focuses not only on maximizing our combined skill sets but also forming the foundation of change in an industry that is famously chaotic, vague and lacking in trust

A clean, smartly dressed portrait of a FastBath representative.
A clean, smartly dressed portrait of a FastBath representative.

Chris Knox

Co-founder | Installer | Sales

Born in Monterey California, Transplanted to Oregon in High School (moved back and forth) Grew up addicted to the ocean. Wanted to be a marine biologist and was obsessed with the Monterey Bay aquarium. Moved to Oregon in High School, became a Christian, and Changed my life trajectory. Went to Bible college with the intention of being a pastor or Christian/Youth Counselor.

Worked construction for my father at his custom tile and stone shop in Monterey (Knox Custom tile). Attended Briarcrest Bible College with the intention of being a pastor or youth counselor. Worked doing road construction during the summer months and was a bookbinder/repair person in the school months.
After college, I worked as a youth pastor for a year.

Worked for Pella windows and Doors for almost 10 years. I started as a service tech repairing windows and doors. Moved to lead install crews and then onto the entire operations department. I ended my time there as the general manager for Oregon and Northern California.

How I got into bathroom remodeling… Left Pella to pursue a career with a startup in San Francisco named Bath Simple. I joined the team as the sales and marketing manager. The focus on a simple process and installation was a little ahead of its time and the company split into bath simple in the Bay area and Devine Bath in Portland and Seattle.

Devine Bath was focused on higher-end more complex bath and kitchen projects and during my 10 years with Devine, I have led the team to design and build over 1200 bathrooms and Kitchens. I have truly missed the hands-on time of actually building the project and seeing what your own hands have created.

I have a passion for woodworking. I love the beauty of wood and the variation of grains and species that all give a different feel and structural value. I am always amazed at the history of old-growth lumber and the idea of a tree that has lived hundreds of years becoming a beautiful piece of furniture that will hopefully last for hundreds of years longer.

I truly enjoy my family and family time, games, camping, and even video games together.

FastBath gives back.

As a company, we think it’s important to give back and make the world a better place. We devote a portion of our time, profits and energy to building for those in need in third-world countries.


  • Organization: Planning the job from start to finish, knowing the best flow for a job.
  • Technology: utilizing quoting, purchasing and planning software to deliver a complete project plan from the time of our estimate.
  • Experience: With over 60 years of combined experience we know what to do and often, more importantly, what not to do when it comes to bathroom remodeling.
  • Product selections: Certain items just take longer and lead to more risk of job delays, we have curated our product line to allow for predictable outcomes while still allowing for a custom bathroom designed for your home.

Our process is designed to give flexibility, clarity, and specifics to your home improvement experience. Historically the construction industry has been clouded in vague, non-descript contracts that because of its nature of uncertainty, often leave the homeowner feeling victimized or out of a point of control.

We, here at Fastbath, are striving to rectify this seemingly systemic issue. We strive for full transparency and customizability while maintaining expertise that helps guide our buys to the right conclusions for a smooth project that will exceed their expectations.

  1. Fill out our fun quiz about your remodel.
  2. We’ll schedule a call to discuss more details and give you an estimate.
  3. We join you in your home for a consultation to solidify designs and set a start date.
  4. You enjoy your beautiful bathroom oasis for years to come.

We understand that many would prefer to have control over the purchases for their home. We prefer to purchase items that will be installed on the job for several reasons.

We have been doing bathrooms and kitchens for decades and one thing has been increasingly clear: Bathroom functionality is a culmination of its individual parts working esthetically and functionally in unison. Hopefully, this accompaniment of items makes the bath work flowingly and elegantly for years. However, we have found this is not always true due to many factors. In an industry that has a never-ending bevy of options, colors, functions and designs it is even more true than ever, that mismatching of items that don’t work well in tandem is a real problem.

Whether it be the time it takes to install, the complex method of installation, its reliability, shoddy build and design issues or the aspect of who maintains responsibility and durability warranty, it is easier for us to purchase items related to the job.

We pride ourselves on our speed and quality. We chose our name based on this being a key factor in individuals’ satisfaction. Though there are limitations to how fast we can finish your job we have honed our skill to be specific to the trades needed. What does that mean? We balance order of work, item availability, craftsmanship and efficiency into a seamless stream of work that continues for the duration of your project. The answer is “faster than most”… but more specifically depending on your project 1 to 3 weeks depending on the size of your bath. Some larger, intricate baths and kitchens can take even longer.