Bathroom Lighting Tips

Your choice of lighting can make your bathroom feel like either a beautiful oasis or a dank dungeon. This is a mistake we see all too often; a well-designed bathroom, but ultimately ruined by poor lighting choices. It’s a bit of an art form, bathroom lighting. Too bright, and it’s oppressive, too dark and claustrophobic. We’ve learned a thing or two over the years, and we’re sharing them with you today. These bathroom lighting ideas can transform any bathroom into a well-lit and pleasant experience.

Let that natural light inside.

Not always possible if the bathroom is an interior section of the house, but natural light is the very first option to explore when trying to improve bathroom lighting. It doesn’t matter if it’s a window, a skylight, or some other hole that lets in sunlight; letting that natural light in will do wonders for your bathroom’s vibe. 

Dimmers are your bathroom's best friend.

Sometimes you want a bright bathroom, other times, you want just enough light to be able to find the toilet. Incorporating dimming switches into your bathroom lighting setup will allow you a sense of freedom and control you simply can’t find with standard on/off systems.

Stick to warm ambient lighting.

No one wants to be assaulted by cold, sterile bathroom lighting, not your guests and certainly not you. There’s something called ‘color temperature’ in the world of lighting, and it ranges from 2000k (very dim, almost like candlelight) to 6500k (extremely bright white with a tinge of blue.) For a warm tone that’s still functional, you’ll want to stick to the 2400k – 3200k range.

Save your task lighting for your vanity mirror.

Most lighting can be broken up into ambient lighting and task lighting. Ambient lighting generally features more subdued brightness to create a pleasant atmosphere. Task lighting, on the other hand, is often bright and functional. For the bathroom setting, you’ll typically want to utilize task lighting over the vanity mirror and stick to ambient everywhere else.

Some of our Favorite Vanity Lights

Are you looking for vanity lighting ideas for your bathroom? Here are some of our favorites that can blend with a wide variety of bathroom design styles.


Pristine and bubbly like a glass of champagne, the Lizzy set is both fun and elegant.


With its sleek and minimalist lines, the Audley set adds a subtle industrial feel but is still clean enough to fit in a cozy bathroom.


Featuring a luxurious gold wire mesh bulb cage and a polished mirror back, the Reese makes a big statement.


Sporting a sleek wireframe design and brushed nickel sockets, the Agnes set perfectly blends the industrial look with something more artsy.


Looking like a winter crystal, the Cider sconce is simply elegant with its diamond-faceted tiara and polished metal frame.


The Beacon set shines bright (pun intended) in a sparkly gold and chrome fixture that’s as unique as it is beautiful.


The Lico sconces offer a small luxurious touch that most other lights can’t pull off. We just love the way those crystal plates shine.


Blending a retro vibe with modern luxury, the Alston beams charm and grace and would work well in a variety of design styles.


The chrome patterned cage mixed with the shimmering crystals inside make the Aschombe sconces truly something to marvel at.

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