Bathroom Storage Ideas

Though it may be the most time-consuming room to clean, your bathroom should be one of the cleanest rooms in your house. We all know that icky feeling when we walk into a dirty public restroom. Never would we want our guests to feel that way. But of course, because of the nature of the things we need to do in the bathroom, it’s not always easy to keep it spic and span. It’s incredible how quickly the bathroom can get out of hand, especially if you have kiddos.

Now, this article isn’t about how to clean your bathroom. It’s about something that, if done right, will make cleaning your bathroom so much easier to do quickly. It’s about organizing and decluttering your bathroom, so when it comes time to tidy it up 3 minutes before your guests get there because you forgot, you’re good to go. Here are our top bathroom storage ideas.

Take Advantage of Cabinet Space

The back of your vanity cabinet and under the sink can be prime real estate for added storage. Attach baskets or bins to the cabinet door to keep everything from hair styling equipment to towels to cleaning products–anything you might want to keep out of sight but access quickly or regularly. Sliding shelves that pull out are also a great option to utilize that space under the sink!

Tiers aren't just for Cakes

Especially if you are limited on counter space, you have to think vertically when it comes to storage. If you like to have all your skincare or makeup products out, it can start to look cluttered and take up your entire counter! They make some pretty amazing tiered makeup and skincare organizers. Some even spin! For a cute budget option, you could even stack two cake platters on one another!

Utilize the Space over the Toilet

Instead of just hanging artwork over the toilet, you could utilize this space for added storage! They make some really modern, sleek options for leaning & wall mount shelving units, or you could hang some floating shelves above it.

Utilize the Space over the Door

The top of the door is the most under-utilized space in any room ever. In most homes with standard ceiling heights, it’s a strange little area that maybe gets a “live, love, laugh” sign thrown on it, but it can be so much more. Throw a short, shallow shelf up there for some added storage. As long as it’s used minimally, it won’t look cluttered and it’s perfect for things you want to store out of reach of children.

Use a Vanity with Drawers

Open vanities are gorgeous and modern, yes. But in order to truly pull one off, you have to stay on top of organizing and cleaning it regularly. Those exposed towels and toiletries look tremendous but let’s be honest, when they’re not perfectly folded like in a 5-star hotel, they look like a mess. So by having at least some drawers for hidden storage, you can quickly toss toiletries in when you go to tidy up and you can even eliminate that old-school medicine cabinet. Check out our favorite vanities here.

Install Towel Bars and Hooks

Most bathrooms will have towel bars, of course, but you can get creative here. Hang hooks at different staggering heights to break the norm. Hang multiple hand towel hooks or rings near the sink if you have room so towels don’t end up on the counter taking up valuable space.

Wall Mount your Faucet

This is a small thing, but it can actually help a lot to open up some counter space. When you mount your faucet on the wall instead of the counter, it frees up some valuable surface area between the sink and the wall. You can display soaps or toothbrushes there instead of the space being wasted by the faucet. You can see a list of our favorite options here.

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