High End Bathroom Vanities in Portland

Who doesn’t love a high end bathroom vanity? There’s just something about a really classy, luxury vanity that ties the whole bathroom together. It’s like the heart of the bathroom. While the tiles and walls may be somewhat sleek or minimal, the natural tones of the vanity can add the perfect amount of warmth to a bathroom. It’s usually the first thing you see when you walk in and it’s most likely what you’re staring at the whole time you . . . well . . . you know.

As Portland’s favorite bathroom remodel company we have seen a lot of high end bathroom vanities in our day. Some good, some great and some truly breathtaking. That’s what we’re going to discuss today. We wanted to share some of our favorite high-end vanities we’ve installed over the years.

#1 Wyndham Collection

Beckett 84" Double Bathroom Vanity Set



When it comes to affordable yet luxury bathroom vanities, we go for the Wyndham Collection every time! Why? Because first, these incredible vanities make a statement, second, they fit in just about any design, and third, they truly do stand the test of time. They come in a number of sizes, colors and hardware finish options.

#2 Alma

Bulanka 72" Double Sink High End Vanities



If you’re going for that super sleek modern look, the Alma Bulanka luxury vanity is the way to go. Sharp, crisp lines make for a nice edition to the modern bathroom. The free standing legs make it easy to clean under as well. Comes in limited options but is certainly a statement piece.

#3 Frances

Double Console


frances open vanity

If you’re looking to add that bit of naturalness to your bathroom there are a few directions you can go. For instance, you could use wood, stone or other natural products. The Frances Double Console vanity uses stone and wood to accomplish this. The open shelving helps you to achieve a truly minimal look. It’s definitely a showstopper of a high end bathroom vanity but doesn’t come in any other options.

#4 Delphine

Double Wide 72" Bath Console


Delphine modern bathroom vanity

It can be hard to pull off a light colored vanity but the West Elm Delphine does it well. It adds a certain modern elegance to a high-end bathroom remodel. Nothing too flashy or even noticeable but it adds just the right amount of naturalness and beauty to the bathroom.  

#5 Wyndham Collection

Beckett 30 Inch Single Luxury Bathroom Vanities



Remodeling a hall bath? Maybe a guest bathroom where space is an issue? The Wyndham Beckett 30 inch is the perfect addition to freshen up a small bathroom. We just love the pop of green and the price is great for how good it looks and how long it will last.

#6 Marquam

Teak High End Bathroom Vanity


marquam teak high end vanity

In our opinion, when it comes to bringing warmth and soul into a bathroom, natural wood vanities are the way to go. The Marquam luxury double vanity comes at a high price tag but there’s something about it that’s just special. Most importantly, it’s beautifully crafted and will last generations. 

#7 Homary

63” Large Post-modern Bathroom Vanity


A gorgeous blue and gold vanity against a marble tile wall.

This vanity isn’t for the faint of heart. It will definitely make a statement in your bathroom. It’s the perfect way to spice up a hall bath but also works beautifully in any master bathroom. If you’re thinking about adding some flair to your bathroom remodel, this piece is worth looking into. Most importantly, it is the gold standard when it comes to high end bathroom vanities.

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