How to Clean Grout Floors without Scrubbing

Is there anything worse than realizing that your beautiful tiled floor is being taken over dirt and grime building up in the grout between the tiles? We can think of one thing; getting on your hands and knees, trying to scrub it all away! It can be exhausting to sit and vigorously scrub between each tile to make your grout look clean and shining again.

So how can you clean your floor grout without the arduous pain of scrubbing? There are quite a few ways, actually. Some natural, some chemical, and a great preemptive solution that’s guaranteed to make your floor grout stay clean and make your life a whole lot easier.

Natural Solutions for Scrub-less Grout Cleaning

These solutions will require more refills cleaning. The key is to clean the grout before the grime can settle into its pores, so you’ll need to stay on top of cleaning it if you don’t want to scrub. 



Vinegar is cheap, available everywhere and non-toxic. This simple vinegar solution will keep your grout grime free.

  • Mix 3.5 cups hot water, 3 tbsp of lemon juice, 1/2 cup Baking Soda, and 1/6 cup white vinegar.
  • Using a spray bottle, apply the mixture along the grout itself, making sure it’s totally saturated. Let it soak in.
  • After about one hour, spray the grout one more time and then mop it all away!


A large plastic bottle of white vinegar.


Hydrogen Peroxide

Like vinegar, peroxide is cheap, widely available, has a variety of properties and is relatively safe. It also works great as a grout cleaner!

  • Add 1/3 cup hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 cup white vinegar to 1.5 gal of hot water. Add 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oils for a better scent.
  • Using a mop and bucket, apply the solution liberally across the tile floor, making sure all of the grout is covered.
  • After saturating the entire floor, go back over it with warm water and let it dry.
A large plastic bottle of hydrogen peroxide.

Chemical Solutions for Scrub-less Grout Cleaning

As you might imagine, these solutions are a little stronger than the natural variety, and in some cases more volatile. But when the grime has set in deep and you you’ll do anything not to have to scrub your grout, these might be your only hope. 


A word on bleach.

You’ll likely want to steer clear of using bleach to clean your grout, as it can discolor or even erode your grout! Bleach is great for all sorts of cleaning scenarios, but for cleaning your grout, go with one of these store-bought chemical solutions.


Home Armor Instant Mold Remover

This affordable, all-purpose cleaner is a great solution for scrub-less floor grout cleaning.

  • It can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, not just grout.
  • Requires a minimal amount of gentle scrubbing.
  • The smell will take some getting used to.
A green spray bottle of instant grout cleaner


Grout Eez Super Heavy Duty Grout Cleaner

This is a more specialized, professional-grade formula designed to strip any kind of grime from your grout without you having to scrub an an inch.

  • You just apply the formula and let it do its magic. No scrubbing required. 
  • The bottle isn’t designed for anything but floors. Walls will be a challenge.
  • Beware the fumes, they are very strong and could be harmful.
A white bottle of grout cleaner

The Preemptive No-Scrub Grout Solution

The best way to keep scrubbing out of your life for good is to start early with a grout sealer. These fill in the tiny pores of the grout making it much harder for dirt to get stuck. With properly sealed grout, it’ll take just a few seconds to wipe the grime away. Here are a few sealers we recommend to guarantee you’ll never have to scrub your floor grout again.


Aqua Mix Sealers Choice Gold

This water-based sealer offers protection for grout and tile, and with a no-sheen finish, it’s definitely an all-rounder.

  • It’s easy to apply and the no-sheen finish makes it foolproof.
  • It doesn’t work on all types of grout or tile.
  • A white haze can pop up occasionally.
a large grey bottle of grout sealer.


Stonetech Heavy Duty Grout Sealer

This one isn’t called ‘Heavy Duty’ for no reason. It’s a professional grade sealer that’ll lock down grout of all kinds to keep the grime out of your grout.

  • It can be applied to both sanded and unhanded grout.
  • It comes in a gallon jug, might be too much for a smaller area.
  • This formula can occasionally darken certain kinds of grouts.
A large green bottle of grout sealer

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