How to Bring Nature into Your Bathroom

Did you know that it was only about 150 years ago that the average home in the United States didn’t have an indoor bathroom? That’s right; it wasn’t that long ago that most people relieved themselves in nature or in an outhouse. Of course, we have grown accustomed to indoor plumbing and save the outhouse life for when we go camping. That being said, there are some really interesting benefits to bringing nature into your bathroom and some unique ways to do it. 

The Benefits of Bringing Nature into the Bathroom

Naturally, because of what goes on in there, we all want a clean and sanitary bathroom. But unfortunately, this can easily lead to design choices that create overly sterile and uninviting environments. By bringing more natural elements into a space like your bathroom, you help to create a truly relaxing atmosphere. Think about the use of your bathroom now. For many of us, it’s the only little glimpse of a break we get all day. No matter how busy you are, you will stop to use the bathroom, hopefully. So, instead of that process being rushed and forgetful, it can serve as a genuinely refreshing experience, no matter how quick it is.

The bathroom is also where you most likely start and end your day. Imagine how it could affect your entire day if you started and finished it in a peaceful and natural environment. Like every room of your house, bringing natural elements into your bathroom can help with depression, productivity, general happiness and stress levels. Let’s look at some ways we can do this.

How to Bring Nature into the Bathroom


Because of the private nature of what we do in the bathroom, it is so common to have no windows. But having windows in the bathroom incorporates nature in two important ways. First, they let natural light in, which has seemingly endless benefits. You can read more about the benefits of natural light here. Second, they can let fresh air in. I don’t think you need to know why letting fresh air into a bathroom is beneficial for all involved.


Yes, a skylight is just a window in the ceiling, sure. But they are great specifically for the bathroom because you eliminate the risk of losing your privacy. Unless you’re concerned about passengers looking down from a plane flying overhead. It also mimics the positioning of the sun more naturally.

Natural Materials

There are so many options now that utilize natural materials in your bathroom design, from natural wood vanities to pebble floors to bringing in straight-up branches and vines. This can be done in varying degrees. For instance, you can go full cabin in the woods and have nothing but natural elements, or you can tastefully bring in some natural tones to create a balanced and warm fusion.


This may sound strange but hear me out. Keeping a Bluetooth speaker in the bathroom or even hanging it in the shower isn’t a new idea. But playing soft and soothing nature sounds can be surprisingly relaxing. Maybe that’s a bustling rainforest floor, rain trickling on a tin roof or the soothing sounds of a nearby babbling brook. Whatever it is, starting and ending your day with these soothing natural sounds can be wildly beneficial.


Keeping house plants is a familiar thing. Today, many homes are filled with plants, of which the benefits seem endless. But try something new and bring some of those plants into the bathroom. Not only do they add a natural look and smell, but they can also help to cleanse the air. Which, to be frank, isn’t a bad thing for the bathroom.


It can be so easy to buy an aerosol can of odorizer and set it on the back of the toilet. But what do you often see printed on the side of that can? Most likely, you see an image of some beautiful outdoor space and usually the word “fresh” or “natural.” And let’s be honest, when does that spray ever smell like anything natural in the universe? Never. Instead, consider a diffuser with some essential oils. We’re not here to argue whether there are genuine health benefits to using essential oils, but we will say that they are a much more natural option than an aerosol spray. As an added bonus, the diffuser can be running the whole time you have guests over, so you don’t have to put them to work by spraying a can after they use the bathroom.

In Summary

Bringing nature into your bathroom can be super beneficial for you and your guests. Applying just a few of these suggestions could vastly improve your bathroom experience. In summary, here are a few ways to bring nature into your bathroom:

  • Add a window or two.
  • Install a skylight.
  • Use natural materials.
  • Play soothing nature sounds.
  • Install some live houseplants.
  • Incorporate natural smells with essential oils.

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