Sherwin Williams Color of 2023

What color is your bathroom? Does it matter?

Every year brings an opportunity for a new chapter in our lives.  Something that touches all of our lives in a meaningful way is color. Whether it’s the color of your favorite mug, your car, or the color of the walls in your bathroom, the colors we perceive on a daily basis have a massive effect on us, even if we don’t realize it. This is why every year, Sherwin Williams releases a new color palette and a color of the year.

Now, some may mock this ritual as to say, ‘how can a year have a color’?! And that’s fair. But it can be kind of fun to see how closely the color palette fits with your taste and style and who knows, maybe 2023 is the year you put a fresh coat of paint on the walls of your bathroom!

The Collection

The romantic and heritage-inspired colors of the Vintage Homestead Collection will help you rediscover the meaning of home with elements of times past, classic shapes and vintage décor.

The Colors

This collection is made up of 10 beautifully gentle and warm colors that come together to create a cohesive palette that can be used all throughout your bathroom. Pick your favorite color out or use a few of them to create a calming and balanced space.

Cool Beige


Beige may be the least exciting color in the world, yet this beige brings just enough warmth without coming across as dull or bland.

Natural Linen


If you’re looking to cover an entire bathroom in something other than white but don’t want something crazy loud or funky, Natural Linen is it. It gives your bathroom a lift while making it super cozy and earthy. It’s also very calming to those that might experience sensory overload.

Poetry Plum


Poetry Plum is just the right balance of dark and moody while still being inviting and uplifting. Would make a perfect accent wall color, especially one where there was texture such as wainscoting or paneling.

Pewter Green


Green is known to be very calming, but it’s easy to get carried away and feel like you are trapped inside a giant avocado. But we really like the green in this collection because it creates a very natural forest vibe in any bathroom.

Restrained Gold


The name “Restrained” Gold says it all. If you want to add sunshine to a room without going overboard, Restrained Gold is such an elegant solution. It gives a bathroom just the right amount of pop without being obnoxious or distracting.

Wall Street


This is definitely one of our favorite blues. It borders on grey but in such a good way. It makes for such a good background for natural wood tones furniture and earthy, organic art and fixtures.

The 2023 Color of the Year

It was really cool to see this year’s color of the year be so dark. That hasn’t been the case for a few years and we are really loving it.

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