Small Bathroom Ideas

Here at FastBath, we’ve worked on bathrooms of all shapes and sizes, and some of our favorites have been on the small, even tiny, side. There’s just something so charming about half-baths, powder rooms, hall baths and other small bathrooms. Moreover, since it’s such a small part of your house, it’s less intimidating to experiment with a big design statement. Also, small bathrooms also take far less time to clean; a huge plus.

Some homes have them as a side option, a novelty, whereas with others, it’s all you have to work with. It can be challenging, but any tiny bathroom can become a beautiful, welcoming space with the correct methods and accouterment. Whether you’re looking to remodel the half-bath in your hallway or cram as much functionality into a small main bathroom without cramping it up, we’ve got some tips for you.

Small Bathrooms Need Light

Install Good lighting

Good lighting is critical for any space, but especially for those limited in size, it can make or break the atmosphere. Natural light is always preferred, of course, but not always an option. Getting lights that aren’t too dim at their lowest or too bright at their brightest can be a challenge, but it is possible and depends entirely on the characteristics of each individual bathroom. One approach is to assemble a collection of lighting fixtures. For instance, one on the ceiling can provide strong, complete lighting for cleaning or daytime use, while a group of smaller fixtures over the mirror would be more suitable for nighttime use or relaxing in the tub.

Use the right colors

Bright, solid, neutral colors can make a small bathroom feel much larger and will work in harmony with your lighting arrangement. While whites and off-whites should generally be your base color, a splash of the bright, bold hues of your choice can liven things up and add charm. Leaving the walls relatively plain but painting the ceiling with a bright, exciting color is a great way to introduce some life and fun without ruining a clean aesthetic. Another option is to fill one wall with the same tile as the floors, giving a clean, unified vibe. Using larger tiles can make a space seem larger and more open, as the grout grid is less condensed.

Get a good small bathroom mirror

A good mirror is an absolute must-have for any size bathroom but can be especially beneficial to those on the small side. The reflective powers of the mirror work to create an illusion of a more expansive and open space. Mirrors also reflect light, making the room brighter with fewer lights. And then, the mirror frame can add that little bit of extra charm and character to the overall aesthetic.

Use Your Space Wisely

Buy the right vanity

Pedestal sinks are classy and beautiful, but they leave a lot of space wasted. Vanities, on the other hand, can also be classy and beautiful, but they can also store your toiletries, towels and even cleaning supplies. Vanities also offer something else pedestals don’t: counter space. A lack of counter space is one of those things you wouldn’t notice at first glance but will become painfully apparent with any kind of real-world usage. Our recommendation: get as much counter space as you can manage. Fortunately, there are vanities available for any sized bathroom. 

Keep your bathroom tidy

Often the key to making the most of limited space is to declutter. Once you’ve got every nook and cranny of storage space filled and organized, it’s time to start making the hard decisions.

Ask yourself, do I need all eight sets of towels in my bathroom when we only use a few at a time? Free up space by removing anything you don’t use on a semi-weekly basis. If you have no room for it anywhere else in your house, consider if you need it at all or if there is a more compact version of it on the market somewhere. The light and open feeling that free space will provide will be worth ditching a few things in the long run.

With all your fixtures and other storage items taking up the floor space, it’s time to use your vertical space! Use light shelving on your walls to utilize that unused space without losing its airy, open nature. They’re also a great place to keep accent pieces to charm things up a bit. Upper cabinets can be very imposing and claustrophobic in a tiny space, so they are not recommended unless absolutely necessary. Medicine cabinets are a great use of vertical space, turning your mirror into a hidden storage compartment. 

Number one rule for tiny bathrooms: Keep everything neat, tidy, and where it belongs. A tiny bathroom can go from adorable to scummy in no time without proper upkeep. The good news is that the smaller your bathroom, the less time it will take! Make use of organizing baskets and storage boxes for a quick and easy way to keep things tidy, totally customized to your bathroom’s specific needs. 

Buy smaller fixtures

We’ve seen a lot of bathrooms that aren’t just small but are equipped with fixtures that are just too large! There weren’t a lot of options back in the day, but modern fixture companies have developed far more comprehensive lines of small, compact or smartly designed fixtures. You can make the most of even the tiniest bathroom space by installing smaller toilets, compact tubs and corner showers

Make It Unique

Feel free to express yourself! After all, one of the main advantages a tiny bathroom has over a bigger one is its ability to host a lot of personality without being overwhelming. Due to their size, you can really go hog wild in the expression department with little bathrooms. Use your favorite colors, not just what’s “on trend.” And because there’s less of a commitment in a small space, you can feel free to change it up every few years as your heart desires.

Accents and accessories help make a bathroom feel welcoming and charming. In a tiny space, your accents and flare need to be tiny, too. Small plants and succulents or just a handful of minuscule decorations tucked into the right spaces can make a big statement without cluttering up the place.

Deciding on an overall theme to go by before you start remodeling or decorating is going to save time and help you design a bathroom that looks unified and intentional. Your theme can be subtle or bold, vague or on-the-nose— whatever you see fit, it’s your bathroom, after all!

Small Bathrooms make up for what they lack in space by being easy to clean, charming to the max, and a prime canvas for making a big statement. They just take a little more thought and planning to get right. By lighting things upusing your space wisely and expressing yourself, you can make even the tiniest bathroom stand out and shine.

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