Unique Bathroom Tiles

You may be thinking, “Didn’t we leave funky bathroom tiles in the past along with pink carpet and floral wallpapers?” and you’re not entirely wrong. The hot style for a long time has been clean, elegant and dignified. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with that! It can make your bathroom look cleaner and feel opulent. However, it can also give off an air of cold austerity and pretentiousness. Adding a bit of flare in the form of unique tiles can turn a snooty bathroom into something more approachable and fun while keeping the aforementioned style’s positive aspects. The key is to find a balance. Using an array of wild colors and funky tiles on every surface might be tacky and loud, but hosting a small portion of those same elements in a controlled section of a clean, neutral room feels intentional and creative.

One popular method is by using tiles as an accent; that is to say, less is more. Depending on the bathroom, you can utilize your favorite eccentric tiles on the floor, on one of the walls, in the shower or even on the ceiling! All sorts of options are available to feed your inner funky side and will fit any bathroom style. Using unique bathroom tiles in a small, curated way, perhaps with a few small accents of the same color, will turn a boring, stark bathroom into a beautiful expression of its owner’s personality. Here are a few of our favorites!

Blu Deco Blossom | Marazzi

With Light and Dark color variations, these unique wall tiles would add a sense of natural beauty to a shower space or vanity wall.

D_SEGNI Kaleido | Marazzi

Either color option, Smoke or Sand, would work great as a floor tile in a neutral-colored bathroom with similar accent colors.

Playscapes | American Olean

With seven colors to choose from and three pattern variations, you can use these tiles to boost the uniqueness of any bathroom in a variety of ways!

D_SEGNI Peak | Marazzi

Choose one of the two color options and use these unique tiles as an accent wall behind a toilet or in the shower.

Color Story | American Olean

With over 32 different colors to choose from, you can use a solid color as an accent piece or use a neutral color for all four walls with an alternate color peppered in throughout as an accent.

Lavaliere Carrara White | Daltile

These elegant and uncommon wall tiles can give any bathroom a special feel. These would look fantastic tiling the wall behind a marble vanity.

Color Wheel Retro | Daltile

Choose from four patterns and eight colors to tile a backsplash wall or possibly shower walls in a bathroom with matching color elements.

Perfect Mosaix Namaste and Thassos | Daltile

These vintage-style tiles would make a perfectly elegant backsplash for a bathroom vanity in an ivory-colored bathroom with a marble countertop.

Geometal | Marazzi

These tiles are truly unique with 3d textures and a metallic look. Use these on a vanity wall or in the shower. Due to their 3D surface, you’ll want to avoid using them on a wall with shelves.

Lavaliere Thassos White | Daltile

These chic and unique wall tiles can give any bathroom a classic feel. These would look great tiling the wall behind an ivory-colored vanity with brass hardware.

Costa Clara | Marazzi

Featuring eight color variations, these are perfect for a bathroom with a “sea” or “nautical” theme, as these tiles perfectly resemble sea glass.

Perfit Mosaix Ashen Palissandro and Carrara | Daltile

These uniquely vintage-looking tiles would be perfect as a backsplash or even the floor tile in a small bathroom with white and grey accents.

Which unique tile would look best in your bathroom?

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